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This past week RPAC member schools competed in the RPAC Basketball Tournament. For more content on that, click here.

  • Alma played in a pair of games during the RPAC Tournament this past week. They fell to Bertrand on Tuesday, 41-38. In the consolation bracket they faced Arapahoe on Friday night and won 52-32. Alma is 10-3 and will face Southern Valley this week on Friday.

  • Arapahoe faced Cambridge on Tuesday and lost 57-43 in the second round of the RPAC tournament. Then, they played Alma and lost 52-32. They are 7-10 on the season and will play Maxwell on Monday, Brady Friday, and Hitchcock County on Friday.

  • Bertrand competed in the RPAC tournament and found themselves playing in the championship on Saturday night. Prior to that, they beat Alma on Tuesday 41-38, and then Cambridge in the semifinals 45-35. They ended up losing to Maywood-Hayes Center 57-43. They will face the Wolves on Tuesday again, then play Medicine Valley on Friday. The Vikings are 8-7 on the season.

  • Cambridge continued their RPAC tournament play this past week by beating Arapahoe Tuesday 57-43, falling to Bertrand on Friday 45-35, and then on Saturday in the 3rd and 4th place game they fell to Dundy County Stratton 66-23. Cambridge is 9-8 on the year and will have just one game this week, at North Platte St. Pats on Friday.

  • Dundy County Stratton played solid basketball this past week in the RPAC Tournament. They beat Paxton on Tuesday evening by 10, 60-50. Then in the semifinals, they fell to Maywood-Hayes Center in a nail-biter, 60-58. Then, in the 3rd and 4th place game they beat Cambridge 66-23 on Saturday. DCS is 14-3 and will play Southwest on Tuesday and Atwood-Rawlins County on Friday.

  • Hitchcock County played a pair of games in the RPAC Tournament this week as they took on Maywood-Hayes Center on Tuesday. It was a battle they ended up falling in, 45-35. Then in the consolation game, they fell to Paxton 51-38 on Friday. The Falcons are now 9-6 and will face Atwood-Rawlins County on Tuesday, Maywood-Hayes Center on Friday, and the Arapahoe on Saturday.

  • Maywood-Hayes Center remained unbeaten as they played in the RPAC Tournament. Beating Hitchcock County on Tuesday, 45-35, DCS on Friday 60-58, and the Bertrand in the RPAC Title 57-43. The Wolves are 18-0 now an will face Bertrand on Tuesday, Hitchcock County on Friday, and Anselmo-Merna on Saturday.

  • Following a loss in the RPAC Tournament in the first round, Maxwell finished strong in the consolation bracket. They beat Wauneta Palisade on Tuesday, 51-30, and then Wallace on Friday 57-43. Maxwell is 6-11 and will play Arapahoe on Monday, Perkins county on Tuesday, and Wallace on Friday.

  • Medicine Valley played two more games on the East side of the RPAC Tournament and went 1-1. They beat Southwest, 56-50 and then fell to Southern Valley 51-40. They are now 2-12 on the year and will face Wauneta-Palisade on Thursday and then play Bertrand on Friday.

  • Paxton attempted to make a run in the RPAC Tournament this past week. They were slowed down on Tuesday though with a loss to Dundy County Stratton as they fell 60-50. Paxton though, bounced back nicely and took down Hitchcock County in the consolation bracket with the final score reading 51-38. The Tigers are 10-4 and will face South Platte on Thursday and Sandhills Valley Friday.

  • Southern Valley played one more game in the RPAC Tournament on Friday night. They were able to beat Medicine Valley 51-40. Southern Valley is 6-7 and will face Gothenburh Monday, Alma on Thursday, and South Loup Friday.

  • Southwest battled Medicine Valley on the East side of the bracket for the right to keep playing in the consolation bracket. they fell, 56-50.

  • Wallace played one more game in the consolation bracket this past week and fell to Maxwell 57-43. They are now 3-10 and will play Brady on Tuesday, Sutherland on Thursday, and Maxwell Friday.

  • Wauneta-Palisade played one more game on the West side of the consolation bracket as they fell to Maxwell 51-30. The Broncos are now 2-13 and will play Medicine Valley on Thursday and then Sutherland Friday.




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