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This week was Conference week for the RPAC schools. Hitchcock County was the host school this year and they hosted the meet at Cross Creek Golf Links in Cambridge on Thursday. It was the perfect day for running and we saw some great performances.

The results from the meet are below.

  • Alma: Griffin Stemper placed 4th (18:24.58), Jaxon Tischner placed 8th (19:16.43), Blayden Herrick placed 9th (19:18.21), and Nolan Pfeil placed 15th (20:05.56). As a team, the Cardinals were named RPAC Champions as they placed 1st with 16 points. Harper Fennel placed 9th with a time of 24:53.78.

  • Arapahoe: Campbell Schutz placed 10th for the Warriors with a time of 19:33.85. As a team, Arapahoe placed 6th with 64 points. River Einspahr placed 13th with a time of 25:25.17. As a team Arapahoe finished 8th with 74 points.

  • Bertrand-Loomis: Marcus Hernandez placed 2nd (17:54.77) and Wes Trompke placed 6th (18:52.25) while Carter Horner just missed a medal as he finished 16th (20:16.61). The Wolfkings finished as RPAC Runners-Up with a 2nd place team finish with 17 points. Addison Hansen placed 18th (26:36.30) while teammates Torrin Donaldson and Ella Brown weren't too far behind as they finished 24th (28:58.22) and 25th (29:05.78). As a team they finished 5th with 58 points.

  • Cambridge: Gavin Gunderson placed 13th (20:03.69) while his teammates Dierks Sayer finished 17th (20:22.00) and Wyatt Jackson finished 19th (20:35.40). The team finished 4th with 38 points. The girls had another strong meet as Brenna Deterding placed 3rd (22:13.79), Rachel Harris placed 5th (22:44.82), Kori Koeppen placed 7th (24:15.93), and JoLie Farr placed 14th (25:28.61). The team finished RPAC Runners-Up with a 2nd place finish and 15 points.

  • Dundy County Stratton: Lizabeth Cardoza placed 12th for the Tigers with a time of 25:14.65.

  • Hitchcock County: Landon Tines finished 22nd (20:45.30) while teammate Kade Thiessen wasn't far behind as he finished 25th (21:04.87). The team finished 7th with 71 points. Chayse Keith placed 8th (24:36.37) and Bailey Hidy placed 15th (26:02.06). The team finished 4th with 47 points.

  • Maxwell: Dallas Beegle finished 26th (21:08.10) while Max Robinson finished 29th (21:32.24). The team finished 8th with 74 points. Keiliah Curtis finished 20th with a time of 27:30.63. The team finished 7th with 65 points.

  • Maywood-Hayes Center: Victoria Deaver just missed a medal as she finished in 16th with a time of 26:24.16.

  • Medicine Valley: Kael Garrett placed 3rd (18:20.92) and Joe Brown placed 12th (19:47.35). The team was able to finished 3rd with 36 points. Paige Hollers finished 33rd with a time of 32:45.88.

  • Paxton: Rylin Johns placed 7th with a time of 19:07.14. The team finished 5th with 47 points. Ainsley McConnell placed 6th (23:45.04), Ella Fote placed 10th (25:01.78), and Madilynn Mullen placed 11th (25:04.89). The team placed 3rd with 25 points.

  • Southern Valley: Isaac Hamilton placed 11th with a time of 19:43.66. Tayley Becker finished 17th with a time of 26:35.48. The team finished 6th with 58 points.

  • Southwest: Cole Barnett placed 5th (18:37.56) and Austin Thompson placed 14th (20:04.75).

  • Wallace: Trey Robertson is the RPAC Champion as he finished 1st with a time of 17:04.39. Ashley Robertson is the girls RPAC Champion as she placed 1st (21:40.91), Dajana Garrison placed 2nd (21:43.90), and Ryleigh Hanson placed 3rd (22:33.36). Wallace was able to claim the RPAC Championship for the 3rd year in a row with a total of 7 points.

Full results can be found here.

These teams are all preparing for their district meets on Thursday.

The D-5 District is hosted by Cambridge at Cross Creek Golf Links and Alma, Arapahoe, Bertrand-Loomis, Cambridge, Maxwell, Maywood-Hayes Center, Southern Valley, and Southwest will all be in attendance.

The D-6 District is hosted by Bridgeport at Courthouse and Jail Rock Golf Course and Dundy County Stratton, Hitchcock County, Paxton, and Wallace in attendance.




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