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RPAC Golf Results as of 5/12

RPAC Teams had a busy week of golf as they wrapped up their regular season. Let's take a look at how the RPAC teams did in their invites this week.

Cattle Trail in Curtis at Arrowhead Medows Golf Course 5/7

Eight teams competed at the Cattle Trail Tournament this past week and at this tough course, some solid scores were achieved.

Team Scores

  1. Hi-Line-346

  2. Hitchcock County-349

  3. Southwest-351

  4. DCS-383

  5. Arapahoe-388

  6. Cambridge-405

  7. MHC-No Team Score

  8. Medicine Valley-No Team Score

Individual Scores

  1. Houston Billeter-Southwest-80

  2. Dante Horner-DCS-83

  3. Hudson Weeder-Hi-Line-83

  4. Colton Sedlacek-Southwest-85

  5. Collin Schutts-Hi-Line-85

  6. Jack Baker-Hitchcock County-86

  7. Ashton Parker-Johnson-Hitchcock County-87

  8. Brayden Melchert-Hitchcock County-88

  9. Darin Neben-Hitchcock County-88

  10. Zach Whittaker-Hi-Line-89

  11. Gavin Tilson-Hi-Line-89

  12. Hunter Blume-Southwest-91

  13. Chris Hermes-Arapahoe-93

  14. Maverick Webb-Cambridge-93

  15. Briggs Hill-Arapahoe-93

Hitchcock County

The Falcons were strong at this invite finishing 2nd with a 349. All four of their golfers who they took scores from, placed. Baker at 6th with an 86, Parker-Johnson with an 87 and a 7th place finish, Melchert with an 8th place finish and an 88, and Neben at 9th with an 88. They just keep on rolling.


The Roughriders had three athletes place in the invite. Including Houston Billeter finishing 1st with an 80. Colton Sedlacek finished 4th with an 85. Hunter Blume grabbed another medal with a 12th place finish and a 91. As a team, a 3rd place finish with a 351.


The Tigers took home 4th with a 383. Dante Horner was excellent with an 83 and a 2nd place finish. Owen Mathews and Brodie Rogers each shot a 98.


Arapahoe took 5th place and shot a 388. Chris Hermes shot a 93 and placed 13th. Briggs Hill took home 15th shooting a 93 in this meet.


The Trojans finished 6th with a 405. Maverick Webb led Cambridge with a 93 and a 14th place finish. Micah Gerlach was just outside of placing with a 94.


The Wolves didn't have enough for a full team to get a score, but, Hunter Koetter shot a 110. Tyler Stewart had a 112 on the day too.

Medicine Valley

The Raiders also did not have enough for a full team, but Tyce Pate shot a 98 and Kevin Bantam had a 121.

Franklin Invite 5/7

Alma competed at the Franklin Invite on Tuesday and had two golfers get medals. Based on the results received, individual results were kept.

  1. Tyson Essex-Loomis-77

  2. Braden Fleischman-Overton-79

  3. Gavin Norris-Loomis-82

  4. Lukas Armstrong-Red Cloud-84

  5. Gregory Boettcher-Franklin-84

  6. Alex Banzhaf-Overton-85

  7. Grady Keeshan-Loomis-86

  8. Crew Bennett-Alma-87

  9. Connor Janda-Lawrence-Nelson-87

  10. Jacob Kathman-Lawerence-Nelson-88

  11. Brady Fleischman-Overton-89

  12. Eli Pistulka-Wilcox-Hildreth-90

  13. William VanBoening-Alma-90

  14. Gage Ely-Red Cloud-90

  15. Brody Patterson-Wilcox-Hildreth-91


As you saw in the individual results, Alma had a nice day. With Crew Bennett taking 8th and shooting an 87 and then William VanBoening took 13th with a 90.

Cozad Invite 5/7

Southern Valley went to the Cozad invite on Tuesday and played pretty well as a team.

Team Results

  1. Cozad-341

  2. Ogallala-365

  3. Southern Valley-367

  4. Gibbon-368

  5. Holdrege-379

  6. Kearney JV-381

  7. Gothenburg-389

  8. NPSP-393

  9. Cozad JV-431

Individual Results

  1. Hayden Russman-Cozad-79

  2. Ben Yocom-Cozad-79

  3. Caleb Castillo-Ogallala-82

  4. Braxton Hammond-Southern Valley-85

  5. Ryan Gilmore-Ogallala-86

  6. Wyatt Hosick-Cozad-87

  7. Bryce Schuster-Gibbon-88

  8. Tyler Weismann-Gibbon-89

  9. Devon Hager-Kearney JV-90

  10. Kamden Bose-Southern Valley-90

  11. Asher Saulsbury-Kearney JV-90

  12. Zach Ptacnik-Holdrege-90

  13. Tim Blakely-NPSP-91

  14. Christian Rodriguez-Gibbon-93

  15. Oliver Nielsen-Ogallala-94

Southern Valley

The Eagles had a nice outing with a 3rd-place finish and shot a 367. Braxton Hammond had a great day finishing 4th with an 85. Kamden Bose also secured a medal at 10th place and finished 10th. Rian Grove was just outside of placing with a 94.

Mullen Invite 5/8

Wallace competed at the Mullen Golf Invitational this week and came away with some solid performances from their three golfers.

Team Results

  1. Anselmo-Merna-342

  2. South Loup-348

  3. Broken Bow JV-348

  4. Sandhills Valley-371

  5. Mullen-458

  6. Hyannis-460

  7. Wallace-NTS

  8. Valentine JV-NTS

  9. Mullen JV-NTS

Individual Results

  1. Aaron Bartak-Anselmo-Merna-76

  2. Colin Cooksley-Anselmo-Merna-77

  3. Jacob Walker-Mullen-79

  4. Brady Haake-Sandhills/Thedford-80

  5. Caedmon Jensen-Broken Bow JV-84

  6. Ethan Weems-Sandhills Valley-85

  7. Dawson Doggett-South Loup-85

  8. Kyle Kramer-Sandhills Valley-86

  9. Brycen Woodward-Broken Bow JV-87

  10. Joey Sallach-South Loup-87


Wallace had a good day with their three golfers who competed. Tyson Sullivan shot a 92 to lead the Wildcats. Micah Garrison shot a 98 and Ryder Cable had a 114.

Bertrand Invite 5/9

Bertrand hosted their annual invite and it was an RPAC Rundown Featured Matchup. You can read the full story here.

Team Results

  1. Loomis-326

  2. Amherst-329

  3. Overton-335

  4. Southwest-352

  5. Alma-358

  6. Southern Valley-365

  7. Bertrand-372

  8. Cambridge-384

  9. Holdrege JV-394

  10. Cozad JV-405

  11. Elm Creek-416

  12. Axtell-588

Individual Results 

  1. Tyson Essex-Loomis-73

  2. Austin Adelung-Amherst-74

  3. Gavin Norris-Loomis-76

  4. Micah Gerlach-Cambridge-79

  5. Braden Fleischman-Overton-79

  6. Alex Banzhaf-Overton-80

  7. Kamden Bose-Southern Valley-81

  8. William VanBoening-Alma-81

  9. Colton Sedlacek-Southwest-83

  10. Ethan Morgan-Axtell-83

  11. Scott Bieker-Bertrand-84

  12. Kyler Jones-Amherst-84

  13. Cope Smith-Amherst-85

  14. Eli Kidder-Holdrege JV-86

  15. Houston Billeter-Southwest-86


District Assignments

RPAC Schools will compete in Districs on Monday and here is the schedule for that.

  • D-4 District at Cambridge-Cross Creek Golf Links

    • Arapahoe

    • Axtell

    • Bertrand

    • Cambridge

    • Dundy County Stratton

    • Elm Creek

    • Hitchcock County

    • Loomis

    • Maywood-Hayes Center

    • Medicine Valley

    • Overton

    • Pleasanton

    • Southern Valley

    • Southwest

    • Wallace

    • Wilcox-Hildreth

  • D-5 District at Rivers Edge Golf Course hosted by NPSP in North Platte

    • Bayard

    • Crawford

    • Creek Valley

    • Garden County

    • Hay Springs

    • Hemingford

    • Hyannis

    • Kimball

    • Leyton

    • Mullen

    • NPSP

    • Paxton

    • Potter-Dix

    • South Platte

    • Sutherland

  • C-5 District at Lakeside Country Club Eustis Farnam Hosts

    • Alma

    • Amherst

    • Bridgeport

    • Broken Bow

    • Chadron

    • Chase County

    • Gordon-Rushville

    • Gothenburg

    • Hersehy

    • Hi-Line

    • Kearney Catholic

    • Mitchell

    • Morrill

    • Perkins County

    • Valentine

Want more RPAC coverage? Check out the RPAC Rundown Podcast and our YouTube Channel! Click here for the podcast. Click here for the YouTube Channel.


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