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Wauneta-Palisade and Dundy County Stratton Split Games Tuesday Night

Tuesday evening we had another girls and boys double-header for an RPAC Rundown Featured Matchup. Wauneta-Palisade played host to Dundy County Stratton and the teams split contests.

In the girls game, it was the Broncos that won, 44-35. The first half as a whole, was a struggle on offense for both teams. In the first quarter, it was a combination of free throws and second-chance points and the teams were tied, 7-7.

In the second quarter, the offense picked up a little more and the Broncos led 18-16 at halftime.

The third quarter was highly entertaining as both teams got rolling on offense. Wauneta-Palisade scored 18 points and DCS scored 11. We went to the final quarter with the Broncos leading 36-27.

Wauneta-Palisade maintained their nine-point lead for the duration of the game, with strong defense.

DCS is now 1-6, but they are a much-improved team from last season. They will only get better as the season rolls on. They were led by Clara Spargo and Kimberly Escobar with eight points.

The Broncos were led by GraCee Goings and Peyton Cox with 13 points, and they are now 5-3 on the year.

Both teams will take a little break with the Holiday approaching.

We were able to visit with Goings and Cox after the game and get their thoughts about the win.

In the boy's game, it was all Dundy County Stratton as they won 64-24. The opening quarter was very physical, with several foul calls, as the players dictated it would be a rough-and-tumble type of game. The Broncos tried everything they could to keep it close in that first quarter, trailing 18-9 after the first eight minutes.

In the second quarter, DCS increased their lead substantially, going up 36-13 by halftime.

The third quarter yielded similar results and the Broncos found themselves down 52-21 going into the final quarter.

In the final period, a number of younger players from each team got the chance to play and get some experience.

The Broncos are 0-8 and are looking for that first win still. They play incredibly hard and compete. Ashton Wheeler led the Broncos with nine points. They will now take a break for the Holidays.

DCS moves to 6-1 and will be off for a little while during the Holiday Break. They looked solid on defense and that will always be there for the Tigers. Jackson Kerchal led DCS with 19 points and Lane Bybee added 11. Lane Brown hit three threes in the second half and we visited with him after the game.

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