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Year One of the RPAC Rundown

As we approach one year of launching the RPAC Rundown, we thought it would be fitting to tell you a bit about the year we have had, and also say thanks to a number of folks.

Year one was a blur. And I mean it went crazy fast. When we started this journey last July, we had one plan. Highlight the RPAC more. For those that know me, I can overthink things. And I was continuing to focus too much on how we were going to attack this rather than just doing it. We can thank my wife for saying I need to just go for it.

It was highly uncomfortable at first, but sometimes the best way to learn is by diving in and figuring it out as you go. We made our mistakes. We learned a lot. We have so much to improve on. That's what has us wanting more, and excited to see where this goes.

We are continuing to grow with this, and expanding our coverage in different ways and we are so fired up to bring that to you.

But to recap this year for member schools on and off the field of competition and in their activities, check out this article and the podcast that we had with Co-Activities Director Alan Garey here.

This particular blog though is about the things we did, some amazing memories we made, and thank you's. I contemplated how in-depth to go with this, but to understand this present journey you have to understand the past journey in media for me (Evan). I have a more detailed story here when we first launched Best Boy Media and RPAC Rundown here.

Back in July, it felt like the best way to launch this was with preseason previews for the RPAC Schools. So that's how we got rolling, preview blogs that provided a brief, but in-depth look at each team in the conference. From there we got the podcast rolling, on August 24th we launched out first episode.

The reception from both the preview blogs and that initial podcast was great.

Also at the start, we covered a number of games that were known as "The RPAC Rundown Game of the Week." That has morphed into "The RPAC Featured Matchup." As we were often covering more than just one game per week in person with photos, updates, and graphics, it seemed fitting to change the name.

Of course, we had the conference tournaments, and state events to cover and it was a blast to attend the events.

Being on the sidelines again has been a complete joy.

At the end of the season, it seemed appropriate to do awards--the Outstanding Senior Student-Athlete Awards. Which is detailed in this particular blog too.

The best part of this though, is how much room we have to grow and improve. And we will continue to work hard to provide coverage of the RPAC.

Another thing I'd like to mention is how wonderful this has been for my family and me. We are enjoying this so much and we are getting to spend so much time together and make awesome memories.

Now time for some thank you's.

Alan Garey and RPAC Executive Committee.

When I emailed Alan about a year ago about this, I was anxious to hear back what they thought of the idea. Alan and the committee have been incredible throughout this process. This conference and its leaders are excellent, proactive, and helpful. I'd also like to wish Alan good luck in his retirement.

AD's, Coaches, and Activity Sponsors

The Activity Directors have been instrumental in this. Getting me contact info, access to the facilities, and everything in between. I know catering to the media can be exhausting, but your efforts don't go noticed by us. We appreciate what you do for us.

For Coaches and Activity Sponsors, the information you provide helps with the content. Generally speaking, the willingness and the information you provide makes what we put out there worthwhile.

I do this as a side job, so I am incredibly thankful that coaches are willing to do interviews in the evenings. I know you lead busy lives, but the brief conversations have been enjoyable, and I have enjoyed getting to know many of you.


We enjoy watching how hard the kids work. And it makes it easy for us to cover them on the RPAC Rundown. As the year has gone on, when we have covered events, we have been able to say hello and chat with some of these students and student-athletes. It's been fun to get to know you throughout the year.


What we are doing is a different type of media and coverage, especially for this area. It's new and unknown. To the sponsors who have taken a chance and trusted us, thank you. It means a ton. (Shameless plug, if you're looking to advertise please reach out! The email is Businesses have had excellent exposure. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.)

Viewers, Listeners, and Fans

To those of you who are consuming our content on social media, the blog, the website, thank you. This has grown faster than we thought. Our Facebook page has over 1,000 followers, we are psyched about that. Each listen, view, like, comment, and message is welcomed. We will continue to refine what we do to bring you top-notch content.

Again, we are so excited to see where this goes and glad to have you all along for the ride.


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