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Hitchcock County Takes Team Title at DCS Invitational

Was it ideal weather for golf? No. But, you have to find a way to compete in the elements sometimes. On Tuesday Dundy County Stratton hosted their invite with eight varsity teams in attendance. It was a blustery day, regardless, we saw some great performances on the course.

The Hitchcock County Falcons picked up where they left off from last year taking the team title. Before we dive into the individual performances for the day, this is how the team standings shook out.

  1. Hitchcock County-333

  2. Chase County-360

  3. Cambridge-387

  4. DCS-387

  5. Southwest-389

  6. Paxton-405

  7. Perkins County-517

  8. Wallace-NA

Fifteen golfers received medals.

  1. Chase Wisnieski-Chase County-74

  2. Jack Backer-Hitchcock County-76

  3. Ashton Parker-Johnson-Hitchcock County-82

  4. Dante Horner-DCS-82

  5. Brayden Melchert-Hitchcock County-84

  6. Ethan Hardin-Paxton-88

  7. Houston Billeter-Southwest-88

  8. Hunter Blume-Southwest-88

  9. Colton Sedlacek-Southwest-88

  10. Micah Gerlach-Cambridge-91

  11. Darin Neben-Hitchcock County-91

  12. Kaden Vogt-Chase County-93

  13. Carson Terryberry-Chase County-94

  14. Maverick Webb-Cambridge-96

  15. Gauge Florum-Paxton-97

Looking at individual results, for how poor the conditions were, we saw some excellent scores. Chase County's Gavin Wisnieski took 1st place with an impressive 74.

For Hitchcock County, they had four golfers place in the top-15. Jack Baker battled for that 1st place position as he took 2nd shooting 76. Ashton Parker-Johnson had a nice day too, finishing third with an 82. Brayden Melchert placed 5th with an 84. Darin Neben placed 11th with a 91.

Cambridge had a pair of golfers come away with medals on Tuesday. Micah Gerlach placed 10th with a 91. Maverick Webb of Cambridge was effective as well recording a 96 which was good enough for 14th place.

Dundy County Stratton had one golfer place, Dante Horner, with an 82 which put him in fourth. DCS had a couple of golfers that were just outside of medaling, including Brodie Rogers, who shot a 100.

Southwest leaned on a trio of golfers to lead the way. Houston Billeter finished 7th with an 88. Hunter Blume shot an 89 on the day which was good enough for 8th place. Colton Sedlacek placed 9th with a 90. A lot to like from the Roughriders squad early in the season.

Paxton had a pair of golfers place. Ethan Hardin took 6th, shooting an 88. Gauge Florum took the final medal spot, shooting a 97 and taking 15th.

For Wallace, they do not have a full team, therefore they did not have a team score. Micah Garrison shot a 101 and Tyson Sullivan shot a 104.


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