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EPIC Football Camps Continue to Provide "Epic" Experience for Teams During the Offseason

Photo Courtesy EPIC Football Camps Facebook Page

Summer football camps aren't for the faint of heart. Most of the time it's hot, you're doing a ton of drills, and the schedule is daunting on paper. But when done right, they are enjoyable for those who run the camps, the coaches, and the athletes.

EPIC Football Camps has to be doing something right as they wrapped up their 10th summer doing these camps. Jeremy Epp, a teacher and coach at Southern Valley, and Scott Trimble, now the superintendent at Medicine Valley were the ones who started EPIC Football Camps in 2014. "I just kind of had a dream...contacted about three or four guys, we settled on about five locations, and the rest was kind of history. It jump-started and we had some good success that year.."said Epp. It fluctuates yearly, but on average they do 10-12 camps per year.

And it isn't just in RPAC country. They have been all over Nebraska, and other states."Colorado, Kansas, & Nebraska have been good to us. We've been in Minnesota three years, and next year we plan to be in South Dakota," said Epp.

When it comes to running these camps, the location is huge for EPIC Team Camps. "It's about location, location, location. It's gotta be in the right spot. It's gotta be in a school with the right accommodations, it's gotta be in a school that has green grass," added Epp.

We asked Epp about RPAC member schools that have participated in the EPIC Team Camps, past and present. Since the camps have been around, 10 RPAC schools have attended, including Arapahoe, Alma, Medicine Valley, Southern Valley, Bertrand, Maywood-Hayes Center, Wallace, Cambridge, Wauneta-Palisade, and Southwest.

For more information on EPIC Team Camps, check out their website here. Also to hear Jeremy and Evan's conversation, click here.


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