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RPAC Cross Country Results as of 9/10

Teams competed at a variety of meets this week from the Lexington Invite at Johnsons Lake on Tuesday, Chase County Invite on Thursday, and the Broken Bow Invite on Saturday. Results from each meet can be found below.

Lexington Invite: 9/5

Boys Team Scores:

  1. Lexington: 16

  2. Axtell: 68

  3. Hi-Line: 87

  4. Alma: 90

  5. Arapahoe: 106

Isac Portillo-Munoz of Lexington placed 1st with a time of 17:02.8.

  • Alma: Griffin Stemper paced the Cardinals as he finished 20th with a time of 21:09.4, Ian Dunse was right behind him with a 22nd-place finish and a time of 21:16.0, and Nolan Pfeil finished 24th with a time of 21:21.7.

  • Arapahoe: Campbell Schutz finished 19th with a time of 21:09.0, Corbin Carpenter finished 28th with a time of 22:30.9, and teammate Wayne Lee was on his heels with a 29th-place finish and a time of 22:36.9.

  • Southern Valley: Isaac Hamilton just missed out on a medal as he finished 18th with a time of 21:02.4. Jeramyah Ruskamp finished 45th with a time of 26:43.3 and Chase Hamilton finished 46th with a time of 27:45.5.

Girls Team Scores:

  1. Lexington: 22

  2. Hi-Line: 36

  • Alma: Harper Fennel placed 8th for the Cardinals as she ran a time of 25:27.2 and Kaylan Ogier finished 22nd with a time of 28:52.6.

  • Arapahoe: River Einspahr was able to snag a medal for the Warriors with a 9th-place medal and a time of 26:04.2.

  • Southern Valley: Tayley Becker placed 7th for the Eagles with a time of 24:09.8.

Chase County Invite: 9/7

Boys Team Scores:

  1. North Platte St. Pats: 25

  2. Chase County: 39

  3. Hershey: 46

  4. Perkins County: 53

  5. Bertrand-Loomis: 94

  6. Cambridge: 111

  7. Sutherland: 124

  8. Paxton: 126

  9. Maywood-Hayes Center: 175

  • Bertrand-Loomis: Marcus Hernandez placed 7th with a time of 17:43.97, Luke Larson finished 30th with a time of 19:59.02, and Quentin Mumm finished 41st with a time of 20:50.26.

  • Cambridge: Brady Ahlemeyer paced the Trojans with a finish of 31st and a time of 20:00.38. Wyatt Jackson wasn't too far behind with a finish of 33rd and had a time of 20:17.35 and Gavin Gunderson finished 35th with a time of 20:19.70.

  • Dundy County Stratton: Noah Wiese finished 91st with a time of 34:46.91.

  • Hitchcock County: Tanner McLain led the way for the Falcons as he finished 28th with a time of 19:57.13, Connor Latta finished 59th with a time of 22:00.07, and Trevor Carlson finished 69th with a time of 23:17.65.

  • Maywood-Hayes Center: Ryan Werkmeister paced the Wolves with a 61st-place finish and a time of 22:27.74, Rubiel Lopez wasn't far behind as he finished 63rd with a time of 22:41.63, and Steven Werkmeister finished 81st with a time of 25:43.41.

  • Paxton: Landon Drews finished 22nd with a time of 18:49.76, Jasper Brewster finished 40th with a time of 20:49.50, and Kepler Spurgin finished 47th with a time of 21:14.20.

  • Southwest: Austin Thompson was the only runner for the Roughriders and finished with a time of 20:40.90 and place 37th.

  • Wallace: Max Hanson finished 19th with a time of 18:44.20 and Kyle Melton finished 80th with a time of 25:10.16.

Girls Team Scores:

  1. Wallace: 20

  2. Mullen: 31

  3. Paxton: 64

  4. Cambridge: 68

  5. Wray, CO: 82

  6. Chase County: 91

  7. Bertrand-Loomis: 98

  8. Hitchcock County: 108

  9. North Platte St. Pats: 111

Addison Jones of Wray, Colorado placed 1st with a time of 20:26.02.

  • Bertrand-Loomis: Ashlynn Edgren paced the Vikings with a 17th-place finish and a time of 24:39.06, Addison Hansen wasn't too far behind as she finished 21st with a time of 25:03.79, and Marie Ford finished 41st with a time of 31:19.16.

  • Cambridge: Brenna Deterding placed 10th to lead the Trojans with a time of 22:44.04, Rachel Harris finished 19th with a time of 24:49.11, and JoLie Farr finished 23rd with a time of 25:13.78.

  • Hitchcock County: Chayse Keith placed 13th for the Falcons with a time of 23:20.18, Calista Carney finished 32nd with a time of 26:21.05, and Sonya Schermerhorn finished 40th with a time of 30:59.77.

  • Maywood-Hayes Center: Victoriah Deaver finished 31st with a time of 26:12.27.

  • Paxton: Ainsley McConnell placed 7th with a time of 22:26.48, Natalie Jorgensen placed 11th with a time of 23:04.80, and Madilynn Mullen finished 27th with a time of 25:59.68.

  • Southwest: Avery McConville finished 25th with a time of 25:42.48 and Morgan Reeder finished 39th with a time of 29:28.38.

  • Wallace: Ashley Robertson bettered her own school record this week with a 3rd place finish and a time of 21:07.80. Dajana Garrison was on her heels as she finished 4th with a time of 21:09.80, Ryleigh Hanson placed 5th with a time of 21:55.22, and Eliiana Robertson placed 8th with a time of 22:29.28.

Broken Bow Invite: 9/9

Boys Team Scores:

  1. Gothenburg: 14

  2. North Platte St. Pats: 28

  3. Broken Bow: 73

  4. McCook: 85

  5. Doniphan-Trumbull: 87

  6. Ord: 106

  7. Cozad: 115

  8. Valentine: 140

  9. Hi-Line: 176

  10. South Loup: 179

  11. St. Paul: 196

  12. Ainsworth: 220

  13. Arcadia-Loup City: 254

Tyler Hetz of Gothenburg placed 1st with a time of 16:39.13.

  • Maxwell: Max Robinson finished 59th with a time of 20:53.21 and was the lone runner for the Wildcats.

  • Medicine Valley: Kael Garrett placed 11th with a time of 18:01.56, Kevin Bantam finished 74th with a time of 21:52.08, and Adin Nelsen finished 105th with a time of 28:14.08.

Girls Team Scores:

  1. Ainsworth: 30

  2. McCook: 34

  3. Broken Bow: 48

  4. Gothenburg: 72

  5. Hi-Line: 90

  6. Doniphan-Trumbull: 90

  7. Valentine: 108

Izzy Renner of McCook placed 1st with a time of 20:20.01.

  • Maxwell: Keilah Curtis paced the Wildcats and finished 41st with a time of 26:10.49, Emme Lucas finished 55th with a time of 27:53.60, and Bille DeGarmo finished 59th with a time of 29:50.60.

This week teams will be competing at the Alma Invite, Arapahoe Invite, McCook Invite, and the Ravenna Invite with a handful of squads running at two meets this week.


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