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Alma Duals

Maxwell earned 3rd place as a team, Alma took 4th place, and Dundy County Stratton placed 5th as a team.

Maxwell defeated Alma 33-30 while in 132, Christopher Mckeeman of Maxwell defeated Clay Frecks on Alma by decision, 6-1. In 170, Alek Molzahn of Alma defeated Cyrrus Messersmith of Maxwell by decision, 3-0. Maxwell defeated Dundy County Stratton 47-24 while in 132, Austin Cole of Dundy County Stratton won over Christopher Mckeeman of Maxwell by fall in 1:52. Alma defeated Dundy County Stratton 36-18 while in 120, Tucker Brandyberry of Alma won over Dylan Freed of Dundy County Stratton by a fall in 0:47.

Southwest Quad

Cambridge took 1st place, Loomis-Bertrand 2nd place, Arapahoe 3rd place, and Southwest 4th place.

Cambridge defeated Southwest 57-12 and in 126, Dierks Sayer of Cambridge defeated Mitchell Stritt of Southwest by decision 12-5. Loomis-Bertrand defeated Arapahoe 42-40 and in 152 is was Loomis-Bertrand's Clay Bohr who defeated Jordan Holstein of Arapahoe by fall in 1:00. Cambridge defeated Arapahoe 45-30, Loomis-Betrand defeated Southwest 54-15, Cambridge defeated Loomis-Bertrand 48-33, and Arapahoe defeated Southwest 54-24.

Ravenna Invite

Loomis-Bertand placed 5th with 99 points and Southern Valley placed 12th with 46 points.

in 120, Braxton Hammond of Southern Valley defeated Tyson Freeman of Loomis/Bertrand by fall in 3:39 to finish 3rd. In 132, Grady Rasmussen of Ravenna) won over Kellan Brown of Loomis/Bertrand by fall in 3:02. Brown finished as runner-up. In 152, Christian Wick of Amherst defeated Clay Bohr of Loomis/Bertrand by fall in 2:42, Brown finished runner-up. In 182, Gabe Grove of Southern Valley earned a victory over Koltar Rahn of Hershey by decision, 13-8, to earn 3rd place. In 220, Luke Pawloski of Pleasanton defeated Clay Meyer of Loomis/Bertrand by decision, 4-2, Meyer finished runner-up.

Hi-Line Invite

Cambridge took 2nd place as a team with 165 points, Maxwell 4th with 97.5 points, Dundy County Stratton 12th with 56 points, Medicine Valley 13th with 45 points, and Wauneta-Palisade 14th with 25 points.

In 113, Angel Rodriguez of Cambridge won over Micah Gerlach of Cambridge so the Trojans took 1st and 2nd in that class. in 120, Treu Atkins of SEM defeated Clayton North of Arapahoeby fall in 1:41 for North to finish 4th. In 126, Dierks Sayer of Cambridge earned the victory over Oliver Nutter of Sutherland by decision, 10-5, to be crowned the Champion while Parker Schutz of Hi-Line defeated Jacob Smith of Dundy County-Stratton by decision, Dominic Kyle of Overton claimed 3rd place over Hunter Koetter of Medicine Valley by fall in 0:58. In 145, Jacob Corbett of Cambridge was crowned champion over Gavin Hunt of Garden County by decision 10-7 while Titus Goshert of Arapahoe placed 3rd and Kohan Grindle of Cambridge placed 4th. In 152, Adam Corbett of Cambridge earned the champion title over Easton Messersmith of Maxwell by decision, 9-3. In 160, Rafe Hill finished runner-up due to fall at 2:40 by Tripp Davenport of Overton and Tye Stanton of Cambridge won over Gunner Roberson of Garden County by fall at 2:16. In 170, Aydan Kaps of Sutherland defeated Hunter Perks of Cambridge by decision, 6-1, and Cyrrus Messersmith of Maxwell finished 4th. In 182, 4th place went to Laken Wissink of Dundy County-Stratton. In 195, Blake Emig of Dundy County-Stratton defeated Josh Gage of Medicine Valley by fall 1:41 to earn 1st and 2nd place respectively. In 220, Jordan Ruf of Cambridge earned 2nd place, Aspen Henderson of Medicine Valley earned 3rd, and Draven Miner of Wauneta-Palisade placed 4th. In 285, Jacob Copper of Maxwell won over Jacen Smith of Arapahoe by fall, 0:20.

Broken Bow Invite

Southern Valley placed 10th with 38 points.

In 120, Braxton Hammond of Southern Valley was defeated by Cash Watson of Broken Bow to finish as runner-up. In 220, Colby Noel of Southern Valley finished 4th place.

Southwest Girls Invite

Southwest finished 7th with 84 points and Southern Valley finished 14th with 33 points.

In 105, Gracelyn Fries of Southwest was crowned the champion as she defeated Sandra Ren Jose of Grand Island JV by fall in 0:47. In 115, Esmeralda Aguayo of Southern Valley finished runner-up as she was defeated by Peyton Cock of McCook. In 120, Ashley Serfontein of Southern Valley finished in 8th place. In 135, Gracie Chavez of Southern Valley placed 8th and Adeasha Escobar Salas of Southwest finished 9th. In 145, Jazlin Lundquist of Southwest finished in 6th place. In 170, Ashlynn Latimer of Southwest finished 4th. In 190, Madelyn Tryon of Southwest was crowned the champion.

Harvard Invite

Alma finished 3rd with 101.5 points.

In 106, Logan Shriver of Alma was defeated by Gavin Patterson of Wilcox-Hildreth by fall, 3:46, to finish runner-up. In 113, Carter Brandyberry of Alma finished 2nd and Ian Dunse of Alma finished 4th. In 120, Tucker Brandyberry of Alma finished 2nd. In 126, Clay Frecks of Alma finished 4th place, Evan Millard of Alma finished 6th, and Breckon Johnson of Alma finished 7th. In 132, Gavin Dunse of Alma finished 8th and in 132B, Emmett Torrey of Alma finished runner-up. In 145, Braydon Johnson of Alma finished in 6th place. In 170, Alek Molzahn of Alma finished runner-up to Taaron Lavicky of Axtell by decision 15-8. Jeremy Felix of Alma was crowned the champion in 220 as he defeated Ashton Hawkins of Axtell by decision, 5-0.

Mullen Invite

Hitchcock County finished runner-up with 143 points, Southwest finished 6th with 70.5 points, Medicine Valley finished 17th with 20 points, and Paxton finished 18th with 12 points.

In 106, Konner McCrumb of Wauneta-Palisade finished 3rd over Dylan Kollmorgen of Hitchcock County by decision, 12-11. In 120, Blake Devitt of Hitchcock County placed 3rd by decision, 6-0. Mitchel Stritt of Southwest finished as runner up in 126. In 132, Carter Van Pelt of Southwest was crowned the champion as he defeated Brock Burry of Bayard by decision, 3-2. Tanner McLain of Hitchcock County placed 4th in 132 as well. Nathan Kollmorgen of Hitchcock County placed 4th in 145. In 160, it was a battle between the Falcons as Tanner O`Brien of Hitchcock County defeated Karson Shuler of Hitchcock County by fall in 1:48. In 182, Kolyn Gaston of Hitchcock County defeated Tyler Ellis of Southwest to be crowned the champion. Keegan Shuler of Hitchcock County finished runner-up in 182. In 285, Taylor Hubl of Hitchcock County was crowned the runner-up.




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