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The 2023 RPAC Wrestling meet was hosted by Southwest High School.

Team scores are as follows:

  1. Hitchcock County- 140

  2. Cambridge- 139

  3. Southern Valley- 132

  4. Loomis/Bertrand- 108

  5. Alma- 94

  6. Arapahoe- 90

  7. Maxwell- 88

  8. Southwest- 66

  9. Wauneta-Palisade- 41

  10. Medicine Valley- 17

  11. Paxton- 13

  12. Dundy County Stratton- 0

In 106, Micah Gerlach of Cambridge defeated Konner McCrumb of Wauneta-Palisade by fall in 0:34 for the RPAC title. Dylan Kollmorgen of Hitchcock County placed 3rd and Logan Shriver of Alma finished 4th.

Braxton Hammond of Southern Valley defeated Carter Brandyberry of Alma in 113 by fall in 3:06 while Blake Devitt of Hitchcock County finished 3rd and Tyson Freeman of Loomis/Bertrand finished 4th.

In 120, Mitchel Stritt of Southwest beat Carter Horner of Loomis/Bertrand by decision, 3-2. Wayne Lee of Arapahoe placed 3rd and Parker Riesberg of Paxton placed 4th.

Dierks Sayer of Cambridge defeated Tanner McLain of Hitchcock County by fall in 0:33 to claim 1st place in 126. Phillip Titkemeier of Loomis/Bertrand placed 3rd and Corbin Carpenter of Arapahoe placed 4th.

In 132, Carter Van Pelt of Southwest defeated Grayson Koller of Arapahoe by decision, 9-3. Ethan Norton of Maxwell placed 3rd and Gavin Dunse of Alma placed 4th.

Jacob Corbett of Cambridge defeated Titus Goshert of Arapahoe by a decision of 6-4 for the 138 RPAC title. Owen Heessel of Maxwell placed 3rd and Carter Hanes of Cambridge placed 4th.

In 145, Cole Broeker of Southern Valley defeated Adam Corbett of Cambridge by fall in 1:05 for the 1st place position.Easton Messersmith of Maxwell finished 3rd while Nathan Kollmorgen of Hitchcock County finished 4th.

Clay Bohr of Loomis/Bertrand was named the 152 RPAC Champion as he took down Rafe Hill of Arapahoe by fall in 0:53. Tye Stanton of Cambridge placed 3rd and Gavin Losey of Hitchcock County placed 4th.

It was Hunter Perks of Cambridge who was crowned the champion in 160 as he defeated Mason Noel of Southern Valley by fall in 0:32. Tanner O`Brien of Hitchcock County placed 3rd while Cauy Meyer of Loomis/Bertrand placed 4th.

In 170, Alek Molzahn of Alma defeated Tyler Ellis of Southwest by decision, 9-3, while Cyrrus Messersmith of Maxwell placed 3rd and Trey McCrumb of Wauneta-Palisade placed 4th.

Kolyn Gaston of Hitchcock County defeated Gabe Grove of Southern Valley by fall in 2:00 for the 182 title. Blake Nickerson of Wauneta-Palisade placed 3rd and Josh Gage of Medicine Valley placed 4th.

In 195, Keegan Shuler of Hitchcock County defeated Trey Broeker of Southern Valley by fall in 5:12. Kash Schoff of Loomis/Bertrand placed 3rd and Trev Burke of Cambridge placed 4th.

Jeremy Felix of Alma defeated Jacob Copper of Maxwell by fall in 2:20 for the 220 title. Colby Noel of Southern Valley placed 3rd and Walter Kenney of Loomis/Bertrand placed 4th.

In 285, Taylor Hubl of Hitchcock County earned the RPAC champion title as he defeated Caden Swanson of Loomis/Bertrand. Jacen Smith of Arapahoe placed 3rd while Jordan Ruf of Cambridge placed 4th.




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