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A Whirlwind of a Summer for Southwest's Kim Barnett

For most coaches, summer is the time to get your team ready for the upcoming seasons. Camps, weight training, and conditioning are all focused June through August.

For Southwest Volleyball coach, Kim Barnett, she's had to do all of that and then some. We had a chance to visit with her on this past week's episode of the RPAC Rundown Podcast.

She has coached a pair of All-Star matches, the West Nebraska All-Star Volleyball Match in Scottsbluff, and the New West All-Star Classic. And her daughter Caylin has played in a number of All-Star games including those two previously mentioned, a handful of basketball games, and also she has the Nebraska Coaches Association All-Star Volleyball Match coming up on Tuesday, July 25th in Lincoln.

"It's been a fun time to go around and watch the girls and coach the girls you know that you've been competing against the entire time, but get a chance to coach them as well, said Barnett."

For the RPAC All-Star squad that played in the New West All-Star Classic, Barnett had a special group to coach. They went out and beat the FKC, and then in the title match, they took down the Lou Platte Conference. "It's a fun experience to get to coach those girls. It's a little less serious, I mean we were serious of course we went out to win it, but to be on the fun side of things there."

As we mentioned throughout the games, Kim has had the chance to coach her daughter Caylin and that has meant quite a little to her. "It's been an honor to coach her. I am excited to move on, to watch her play in her collegiate career. Caylin will be just a few miles down the road from her high school at McCook Community College where she will play volleyball.

To hear more from our conversation on the podcast, click here to listen.


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