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Between heat and rain, there was a variety of running conditions for the RPAC schools this week. Results from the meets are below.

Franklin Invite, 9/20

  • Alma: Griffin Stemper placed 12th with a time of 20:24.83 and Bladyn Herrick finished 17th with a time of 20:55.44. As a team, the Cardinals finished 5th with 50 points. Harper Fennel finished 14th with a time of 27:01.48.

  • Bertrand-Loomis: Marcus Hernandez placed 2nd with a time of 19:07.37 and Wes Trompke finished 9th with a time of 19:56.46. As a team, they finished 3rd with 34 points. For the girls, Addison Hansen placed 27th with a time of 30:42.43 and Torrin Donaldson finished 33rd with a time of 32:28.88. As a team, they finished 8th with 88 points.

  • Southern Valley: Isaac Hamilton paced the Eagles with a 38th place finish and a time of 23:39.79. As a team, they finished 12th with 123 points. For the girls, Camden Wright finished 34th with a time of 32:40.60. As a team, they finished 9th with 89 points.

Ogallala Invite, 9/22 (Results from

  • Maxwell: Elio Nila placed 75th with a time of 20:37.6. Keiliah Curtis placed 39th with a time of 23.46.8. The team finished 12th with 208 points.

  • Paxton: Rylin Johns paced the Tigers with a 18th place finish and a time of 17:43.6. The team finished 15th with 236 points. Ainsley McConnell placed placed 24th with a time of 22:20.9.

Maywood-Hayes Center Invite, 9/23

  • Arapahoe: Campbell Schutz paced the Warriors with a 9th place finished and a time of 20:58.05. The team finished 4th with 35 points. River Einspahr finished 10th with a time of 26:48.02.

  • Cambridge: Gavin Gunderson finished 8th (20:43.68), Wyatt Jackson finished 10th (21:31.93), Dierks Sayer finished 11th (21:38.42), and Matt Morgan wasn't far behind with a 15th place finish (22:04.99). As a team they finished 3rd with 20 points. For the girls, Rachel Harris finished 3rd (22:55.08), Brenna Deterding finished 5th (23:53.55), Kori Koeppen finished 7th (24:24.58), while teammates JoLie Farr and Jensyn Weiss finished 12th and 13th with times of 27:39.71 and 27:47.55. As a team they finished 2nd with 14 points.

  • Maywood-Hayes Center: Victoriah Deaver had a solid home meet as she finished 14th with a time of 27:53.92.

  • Medicine Valley: Kael Garrett finished 2nd (18:44.37), Joe Brown finished 5th (20:28.68), Kevin Bantam finished 13th (22:02.58), Josiah Nicklas finished 16th (22:14.24), and Louie Doyle finished 17th (22:27.18). As a team they finished 1st with 13 points. Paige Hollers finished 15th with a time of 34:46.96.

  • Southwest: Cole Barnett and Austin Thompson had solid performances as Cole placed 4th (19:49.02) and Austin placed 7th (20:40.52).

  • Wallace: Trey Robertson finished 1st with a time of 17:54.49 and Ryun Sheets finished 14th with a time 22:04.74. Ashley Robertson and Dajana Garrison pushed each other and had a 1st and 2nd place finish. Ashley finished with a time of 22:51.30 and Dajana finished with a time of 22:54.21. Ryleigh Hanson was right behind them as she finished 4th with a time of 23:14.96. As a team they finished 1st with 7 points.




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