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Burwell Invite

Loomis/Bertrand placed 5th with 117 points.

In 113, Tyson Freeman of Loomis/Bertrand placed 1st over Morgan Bunner of Clarkson/Leigh. In 120, Carter Horner of Loomis/Bertrand placed 4th to Tristen Krueger of North Central. Kellan Brown of Loomis/Bertrand placed 3rd in 132. Clay Bohr of Loomis/Bertrand placed 3rd in 152. In the first round of consolation in 106, Dylan Wendall of won by fall over Wyatt Fowler of North Central.

Dundy County Stratton Invite

Arapahoe placed 3rd with 174 points, Maxwell placed 4th with 158 points, Paxton placed 6th with 58 points, Wauneta-Palisade placed 7th with 52 points, Medicine Valley placed 8th with 44 points, Cambridge JV placed 10th with 38 points, and Dundy County Stratton placed 11th with 37 points.

In 106, Miles Hanes of Dundy County Stratton placed 3rd over Seth Tumbleson of St. Francis by decision 6-4, Konner McCrumb of Wauneta Palisade placed 5th over Gage Gooden of Arapahoe by fall (0:42), and Bob Chism of Wauneta Palisade placed 7th to Dylan Brownell of Sutherland. In 113, Coleman Chism of Wauneta Palisade placed 2nd to Kike Yanez of St. Francis.Wayne Lee of Arapahoe placed 2nd in 120 to Luke Harper of Sutherland by fall (4:45), Parker Riesberg of Paxton placed 3rd over Kellin Nelson of Brady, Clayton North of Arapahoe defeated Christopher Mckeeman of Maxwell to place 5th and 6th, and Andrew Muckety of Wauneta Palisade placed 7th to Dallas Laten of St. Francis.

In 126, Corbin Carpenter of Arapahoe placed 5th to Tony Lyon of Perkins County, Jacob Smith of Dundy County Stratton defeated Charlie Houser of Cambridge JV to place 6th and 7th, and Paige Hollers of Medicine Valley placed 9th. In 132, Grayson Koller of Arapahoe placed 2nd to Dayton Fromholtz of St. Francis by fall (2:38), Alex Diaz of Arapahoe placed 4th to Aiden Mitchum of Brady by fall, Hunter Koetter of Medicine Valley placed 5th over Austin Cole of Dundy County Stratton by fall (1:33), and Anthony Pierce of Paxton defeated Alec Reese of Perkins County to place 7th. In 138, Owen Heessel of Maxwell placed 3rd over Carter Matthies of St. Francis by fall (0:48), Taylor Jones of Arapahoe defeated Joseph Eakins of Paxton to by decision 5-4 to place 5th and 6th, Austin Woods of Cambridge JV defeated Billy Taylor of Perkins County by fall. In 145, Easton Messersmith of Maxwell was crowned the champion as he defeated Kason Bruns of Sutherland by fall in 3:28.

Also in 145, Titus Goshert of Arapahoe placed 4th to Dodge Fromholtz of St. Francis and Nolan Westdat of Cambridge JV defeated Gatlyn Carr of Brady to place 7th. In 152, Rafe Hill of Arapahoe placed 1st over Ezekiel Heaton of Hyannis by decision 4-2. Jacob Leighton of Maxwell placed 5th to John Sabatka of St. Francis and Colton Perks of Cambridge JV defeated David Lewis of Arapahoe to place 6th and 7th. In 160, Cyrrus Messersmith of Maxwell placed 1st over Ethan Graham of St. Francis by fall in (0:28), Carrick McCorkle of Arapahoe placed 3rd over Cole Kerner of Sutherland by fall (1:29), Kenyon Florom of Paxton placed 5th over Hayden Anderson of Sutherland by fall (1:39), Harley Gray of Medicine Valley placed 7th over Haydn Thomsen of Brady by fall (1:09) and Carter Shoemaker of Cambridge JV placed 9th. In 170, Trey McCrumb of Wauneta Palisade placed 4th to Kole Walz of Sutherland, Colt Gosnell of Maxwell placed 5th and Noah Williams of Arapahoe placed 7th. In 182, Trevor Manka of Maxwell placed 3rd, Blake Nickerson of Wauneta Palisade placed 4th, Gabe Huntley of Cambridge JV placed 5th, Dristen Warburton of Arapahoe placed 6th, and Jasek Wiess of Cambridge JV placed 7th.

In 220, Jacob Copper of Maxwell was crowned the champion as he defeated Aspen Henderson of Medicine Valley. Draven Miner of Wauneta Palisade placed 4th and Trev Burke of Cambridge JV placed 5th. In 285, Jacen Smith of Arapahoe placed 2nd, John Fricke of Paxton placed 3rd, and Miles Rogge of Paxton placed 6th.

Franklin Invite

Hitchcock County placed 3rd with 151 points and Alma placed 9th with 91.5 points.

In 106, Logan Shriver of Alma placed 6th. Carter Brandyberry of Alma was defeated by Braxton Robinson of Kearney-Gold to place 2nd in 113. Ian Dunse of Alma also placed 3rd in 113. Blake Devitt of Hitchcock County placed 6th in 120. In 126, Tanner McLain of Hitchcock County placed 6th. In 132, Gavin Dunse of Alma placed 6th. In 145, Karson Shuler of Hitchcock County placed 2nd to Jarret Mader of Ellis. Tanner O`Brien of Hitchcock County placed 2nd to Taaron Lavicky of Axtell in 160 by decision, 10-3. Alek Molzahn of Alma took 3rd place in 170. Kolyn Gaston of Hitchcock County placed 2nd to Cameron Schulte of Thayer Central by fall (2:58) in 182. In 195, Keegan Shuler of Hitchcock County defeated Jeremy Felix of Alma to place 1st and 2nd. In 185, Taylor Hubl of Hitchcock County placed 2nd to Ben Melton of North Platte St. Patrick`s by fall in 1:29.

Garden County Invite

Wauneta-Palisade placed 13th with 30 points and Dundy County Stratton placed 22nd with 4 points. On the girl's side, Paxton placed 10th with 18 points.

In 220, Draven Miner of Wauneta-Palisade was named the champion as he defeated Isaiah Dunn of Perkins County by fall in 5:26.

On the girl's side, Skylar Johnson of Paxton placed 2nd to Cerelia Barrios of Gering by fall in 1:23.

J.R. Durham Girl's Invite (Norton, KS)

Southwest placed 12th with 21 points and Southern Valley didn't score any team points.

In 105, Gracelyn Fries of Southwest placed 4th. In 235, Madelyn Tryon of Southwest placed 3rd.

Amherst Invite

Cambridge placed 2nd with 143.5 points, Southern Valley placed 6th with 103 points, Southwest placed 14th with 31 points, and Medicine Valley didn't score any team points.

Micah Gerlach of Cambridge placed 2nd to Trax Trujillo of Aurora in by decision, 10-5 in 106. In 113. Braxton Hammond of Southern Valley placed 2nd to Sebastian Sauceda of Shelton by decision, 10-4. In 120, Mitchel Stritt of Southwest placed 3rd over Bo Brennan of South Loup by fall in 4:26. n 126, Dierks Sayer of Cambridge was crowned champion as he defeated David Molina of Gibbon by fall in 1:00 and Chase Hamilton of Southern Valley placed 3rd over Chase Beitler of Hi-Line by fall in 4:20. In 138, Jacob Corbett of Cambridge placed 2nd to Kyler Mosel of Plainview by fall in 3:25. In 145, Cole Broeker of Southern Valley defeated Adam Corbett of Cambridge to place 1st and 2nd. Tye Stanton of Cambridge placed 4th to Jadon Wells of Anselmo-Merna fall (4:10) in 152. In 160, Hunter Perks of Cambridge placed 2nd to Levi Drueke of Neligh-Oakdale. In 220, Colby Noel of Southern Valley placed 4th.




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