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RPAC Year End Recap, and Changes to come for RPAC and it's Committee (AUDIO)

Last week we had the chance to visit with the Co-Activities Director for the RPAC Conference, Alan Garey about a variety of items. One of the main topics we did discuss was the addition of three new schools and two new teams for the 2024-2025 school year. Those schools will be Elwood, Eustis-Farnam, and Sutherland.

"The process has already been initiated to include and bring them into the conference. We've sat down and taken a look at every event, activity, as well as athletic event that is offered. As to what it is going to take bring those three schools, two teams into the RPAC," said Garey.

One of the major items the RPAC Executive Committee looked at was the basketball tournament with the addition of those teams. "....because of an expansion of that, it requires more officials, and probably an additional day on to a tournament that is already running from a Saturday to a Saturdayhich means that schools have to clear their schedules to accommodate," added Garey. Garey also added that the committee will began to look for officials for the tournament.

For Garey, though, there are some changes for him personally coming up to. He is set to retire as the Superintendent for Medicine Valley Public Schools with his last day being on June 30th. Following that, Garey has to step away from RPAC Committee due to guidelines set up by the state of Nebraska. "Per the state of Nebraska, I have a 180 day sit out where I cannot be involved in school activities."

So where does that leave the Co-Activities Director position and who will fill Alan's role? Jon Davis, the Superintendent at Alma Public Schools will fill that void alongside John Paulsen. He will take over that position July 1st.

Naturally, we asked if Garey would be looking to come back and be part of the RPAC Executive Committee after the 180-day period in which he must sit out. "I'm on the look for the job, the next job to come along. If something would allow me to work with the RPAC in any capacity, I would be honored to come back and assist in anyway I could after I do my sit out...I'm proud of what's in place and I think that it's only going to grow and get better as time moves on."

If you missed this episode of the podcast, listen to it here.


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