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2023 All-District Football Selections

Recently All-District selections were made for the 2023 Football season and the RPAC was well represented on all of the teams.

**Stats are provided in the article for first & second team selections if the stats were posted on MaxPreps or sent to us.**

We begin with the D6-4 District.


Gunnar Foster was on the first-team offense. He had another big season with 858 yards rushing, 308 yards receiving, and 29 touchdowns. Kobe Florum was also on the first-team offense. He caught 19 passes for 255 yards and five touchdowns. Maddex McConnell was on the first-team defense. He had 75 tackles on the season. Tommy Markussen was a first-team defender too. Markussen had 63 tackles this season. Both of them each had an interception on the season.

Tanner Hebblethwaite was second-team offense as an end with 12 catches for 208 yards and five touchdowns. honorable mention selection Wyatt Walker was named too.


The do-it-all offensive threat Nathan Rippe was named to the first-team offense. Rippe had 1,511 all-purpose yards and 22 touchdowns for Southwest. The Roughriders had two honorees on defense. Trenton Williams and Hunter Blume. Williams had 82 tackles and Blume had 52.

On the second-team offense, Houston Billeter was named to the squad and he had 1,236 yards and 10 touchdowns through the air. Mitchell Stritt had 772 yards and 10 touchdowns on the ground. Gavin Hammond and Jakub Walz were named honorable mention selections.


Riley Strawder was a first-team defensive selection. He had 48 tackles on the season. Matt Lungrin was selected as the punter for the first-team. He averaged 35.6 yards per punt. On the second-team offense, Ivan Aceves was named as a running back. He had 672 yards and eight touchdowns on the ground. Conner Kennicut was named to the team too with six catches for 141 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

On the second-team defense, Masen Messersmith had a huge season with 87 tackles on the year. Lungrin also made the second-team defense with 67 tackles. Jason Fisher was an honorable mention selection.


For the Broncos, Aden Acton was a first-team selection. Acton had 28 catches for 340 yards and three touchdowns this season. Kreyton Wiese was a second-team defender with 36 tackles and six sacks this season. Nathan Blackman was an honorable mention election.

The D2-8 District Teams were loaded with RPAC members too.

Dundy County Stratton

Ethan Latta was named to the first-team offense as he was electric all season. Latta had over 2,000 yards rushing, 2,711 total yards, and 43 touchdowns. Derek Noffsinger was named to the first-team offense too. On the first-team defense, Brodie Rodgers was named with 86 tackles and 5.5 sacks. Lane Bybee also was named to the defense on first-team with 88 tackles and five tackles. Linebacker Jackson Kerchal had 101 tackles on the year and was named to the squad too.

The second team was loaded on both offense and defense for DCS. Lane Brown was the QB, he had over 1,200 yards passing and 12 touchdowns. Bybee was named to the line, as was Brock Bailey, Kerchal was a tight-end selection too. He had 262 yards and three scores. On the second-team defense, Lane Brown had 79 tackles, August Shaw had 43 tackles, Ethan Latta with 46 tackles and nine interceptions, and Kevin Garcia was named the kicker.

For honorable mentions, Dante Horner was named.


The Vikings had offensive lineman Nolan Edgren named to the first-team offense and on second-team defense as a lineman.

Honorable mention selections went to Thunder Nelson and Gabe Bojorquez.

Maywood-Hayes Center

Maywood-Hayes Center had a handful of selections. Jeremiah Ingison was named to the first-team offense as he caught 15 balls for 227 yards and four touchdowns. Grady Erickson was named as a kick returner. He had 435 return yards and a touchdown. Kody Schwenk was named to first-team defense as a defender and kicker. He was 12-13 on PAT's as a kicker, and on defense, he had 57 tackles.

For second-team offense, Saywer Dibbern was named to the team as he had 345 yards rushing and three touchdowns. Ingison was named the punter. Ingison averaged 37.8 yards per punt.

Honorable mention selections included Kade Broz and Gage Gerlach.

Hitchcock County

The young Falcons had several players honored. On first-team offense, Jaxon Unrein was named the athlete and punter. He had 657 yards on the season and 10 touchdowns. On first-team defense, Taylor Hubl had 44 tackles. Karson Schuler had 96 tackles.

Second-team offense included Hubl on the line and Schuler as a running back. He had 656 yards rushing and six touchdowns. Honorable mention selections included Jack Baker, Adam Kisker, Jayce Hauxwell, and Jayden Loghry.

Medicine Valley

The Raiders had Austin Roblee on the first-team defense and he recorded 87 tackles this season. Mason Roblee was an honorable mention selection.


Maxwell is the lone team in the conference in the D1-10 District. They came away with a high number of honorees. Three players were on the offensive team. Levi Huffman had 619 yards rushing and nine touchdowns. Tyce Cumming had 577 all-purpose yards and three touchdowns. Cyrrus Messersmith was named to the offensive team too.

On the defensive team, Kole Jones was named to the squad. He had 38 tackles and an interception. Honorable mention selections included Jesse Reyes and Colt Gosnell.

The D1-9 District was another one that had several RPAC teams involved and again had a number of players on the teams.


Jakin Neal highlighted the first-team quarterback position. Neal had 1,901 yards passing and 25 touchdowns this season. Zavier Mitchell was also on first-team with 40 catches for 735 yards and 10 touchdowns, and Spencer Gehrig was an offensive lineman on the team. For first-team defense, Alek Molzahn was selected. He recorded 104 tackles this season.

The second-team offense included Molzahn too. He had 1,319 all-purpose yards and 19 touchdowns. Gehrig was on the second-team defense and had 34 tackles. Honorable mentions included Tucker Biskup, Drew Neubauer, River Eddy, and Ryan Maly.


The Warriors had three first-team offensive members including Will Cacy, who had 1,817 all-purpose yards and 31 touchdowns, Grayson Koller, who recorded 737 all-purpose yards and 10 touchdowns, and Jacen Smith on the offensive line. On the first-team defense, the Warriors had three members. Hayden Sich had 69 tackles, Rafe Hill had 86 tackles and Trenton Roskop had 75 tackles and six interceptions.

Hill was a member of that squad for second-team offense with 462 yards rushing and six touchdowns. Also, Sich was selected with 67 yards receiving and two touchdowns. On the second-team defense, Cacy was a second-teamer with 103 tackles. And Kade Fisher with 74 tackles and two picks, along with Koller, 87 tackles and three interceptions were on the team too.

Honorable mention selections included Eli Shafer and Trey Downey.


For the Trojans, they had two members make the first-team defense. Hunter Perks and Micah Gerlach. Perks had 126 tackles this season and six sacks. Gerlach recorded 65 tackles and had an interception. On second-team offense, Carson Trompke was named the QB. He had 686 yards passing and 12 total touchdowns on the season while playing just five games. Ben Hoberty was named second-team too. He had 110 yards rushing and 278 yards receiving and four touchdowns. Perks was named to the team as a lineman too.

The second-team defense included Jayden Ruf, with 108 tackles. Honorable mention selections included Dierks Sayer, Braydon Miller, and Carter Hanes.

Southern Valley

On first-team offense, Kody Collins was listed as running back. Collins had 914 yards rushing and 13 touchdowns. Rian Grove was listed on the second-team offense as a tight end. Grove had 279 yards and five touchdowns. Colby Noel was listed on the second-team defense as he finished the year with 59 tackles. For honorable mention selections, Kamden Bose, Prestin Howart, Gabe Grove, Adyn Thooft, and Trey Broeker were selected.


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