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EPIC Football Camp: Provides Some Key Opportunities for Teams Ahead of the 2024 Football Season

On Friday we spent some time at the EPIC Football Camp that Cambridge hosted. In attendance was Cambridge, Alma, Elm Creek, Hoxie, KS, Bayard, Franklin, Oberlin, KS, and one of the top teams in D1, Sandy Creek. We had a chance to check out some of the camp and see what it is all about. Of course, we have chatted with Jeremy Epp of the EPIC Team Camps in the past, but this gave us a chance to see what they are like. Of course, Jeremy coaches and teaches at Southern Valley.

Here are some of my key takeaways in this quick-hitting blog from the camp while I was there.

High Energy

Right when I got there I loved the vibe that the coaches who run the camp were projecting. They were helping the kids understand the technique and coached them up well. They wanted to make sure they were getting what the athletes needed. In the individual work, the kids were getting a nice blend of coaching, and trying to figure it out on their own.


Like I said previously, the coaches were talking technique, but not talking over the kids' heads. The EPIC Football staff was keen on using phrases to make sure the athletes were understanding the technicalities of what they were teaching. It was really awesome stuff.

Big Time Reps

How does one get better at a new skill or take the skill they already know to the next level? Reps. This camp gives the athletes a chance to get a tone of reps, which is ideal. Especially in the summer, this is a great chance with a good chunk of time to get a bunch of reps and get better.

A Chance to Get Better

Anytime you have the chance to throw on the pads and get some time on the field with your team, it's a great thing.

Competition, Competition, and More Competition

I love to see competition. And this camp has a ton of it. The characteristic of competition can be hard for some to learn. So putting people in competitive situations is super important.

Keeping Kids Hydrated and Trainer on Site

It wasn't an overly hot day temperature-wise, but it rained as camp started and got up to 92-94 degrees so it was a little toasty and humid. I am in that boat though once it gets to 90 on up it's just hot, but it wasn't as bad as the heat we had in recent days. There were frequent water breaks, water bottles available, and an emphasis on staying hydrated. Love that. Also, they had a trainer on site so if there were some injuries, there was someone there to help.

Creating Chaos in a Good Way

This camp has a lot of things going on. And it may seem chaotic, but it's in a good way and by design. We spoke with Scott Trimble, the superintendent at Medicine Valley, and a guy who knows a few things about winning ball games at a high level. Trimble is heavily involved in the EPIC camps too. "You have to coach through chaos on Friday night. So we bring some of that here at camp," said Trimble.

All-in-all a great day, a good camp fun to watch the athletes compete.

Check out some highlights from the two RPAC Teams in attendance, Alma and Cambridge.

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