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RPAC Cross Country Results as of 9/24

RPAC cross country teams were at a handful of meets this week and are gearing up for some big meets in the next couple of weeks.

Franklin Invite: 9/19

Boys Team Results:

  1. Axtell: 12

  2. Franklin: 13

  3. Bertrand-Loomis: 34

  4. Alma: 41

  5. Wilcox-Hildreth: 44

  6. SEM: 60

  7. Amherst: 76

  8. Shelton: 83

  9. Superior: 86

  10. Blue Hill: 89

  11. Silver Lake: 99

Keyton Cole of Axtell placed first with a time of 17:59.8.

  • Alma: Griffin Stemper placed 10th for the Cardinals with a time of 19:59.96 and Nolan Pfeil placed 14th with a time of 20:32.19. Ian Dunse ran a time of 21:08.35 to finish 17th.

  • Bertrand-Loomis: Marucs Hernandez placed 3rd with a time of 18:27.85 to pace the Wolfkings and Luke Larson placed 15th with a time of 20:50.28. Carter Horner finished just outside of the medals in 16th with a time of 21:06.41.

Girls Team Results:

  1. Elm Creek: 17

  2. Axtell: 18

  3. Ravenaa: 27

  4. Wilcox-Hildreth: 48

  5. Blue Hill: 49

  6. Bertrand-Loomis: 57

  7. Amherst: 63

  8. Pleasanton: 65

  9. Franklin: 66

Matti Lyions of Ravenna placed 1st with a time of 22:29.74.

  • Alma: Harper Fennel placed 14th with a time of 25:25.62 and Kaylan Ogier finished 21st with a time of 28:01.57.

  • Bertrand-Loomis: Addison Hansen led the way for the Wolfkings with a time of 25:06.32, Ashlynn Edgren placed 13th with a time of 25:22.31, and Ella Brown finished 35th with a time of 34:22.20.

Maywood-Hayes Center Invite: 9/21

Boys Team Results:

  1. Hi-Line: 10

  2. Cambridge: 22

  3. Arapahoe: 33

  4. South Platte: 41

  5. Maywood-Hayes Center: 47

  6. Wallace: 61

Photo Courtesy: Valley Voice

Kyle Finney of Mullen placed 1st with a time of 18:55.74.

  • Arapahoe: Campbell Schutz placed 10th with a time of 21:02.11 and Corbin Carpenter placed 15th with a time of 22:02.27. Wayne Lee wasn't far behind as he was just outside the medals with a 16th-place finish with a time of 22:13.93.

  • Cambridge: Brady Ahlemeyer was the lead runner for the Trojans with a 7th-place finish and a time of 20:36.80, Wyatt Jackson placed 9th with a time of 20:44.90, Gavin Gunderson placed 11th with a time of 21:09.33, and Braden Sandfort placed 14th with a time of 21:53.49.

  • Maywood-Hayes Center: Rubiel Lopez placed 12th with a time of 21:30.81. Ryan Werkmeister finished 21st with a time of 23:24.01 and Steven Werkmeister finished 26th with a time of 24:33.49.

  • Medicine Valley: Kevin Bantam led the way with a 20th-place finish and a time of 23:13.30 and Adin Nelson finished 39th with a time of 28:48.96.

  • Southwest: Austin Thompson placed 13th for the Roughriders with a time of 21:48.84 and Caleb Heskett finished 17th with a time of 22:23.54.

  • Wallace: Max Hanson had a solid race for the Wildcats with a 2nd-place finish and a time of 19:38.55, Kyle Melton finished 34th with a time of 26:30.49, and Micah Garrison finished 38th with a time of 27:10.96.

Girls Team Results:

  1. Wallace: 10

  2. Mullen: 14

  3. Hi-Line: 34

  4. Brady: 37

  5. Cambridge: 41

Photo Courtesy: Valley Voice

Peyton Paxton of Mullen placed 1st with a time of 21:49.86.

  • Arapahoe: River Einspahr finished 16th with a time of 25:55.14 for the Warriors and just missed out on a medal.

  • Cambridge: Brenna Deterding placed 10th with a time of 24:19.52 while JoLie Farr finished 17th with a time of 26:00.21 and Jensyn Weiss finished 18th with a time of 27:05.37.

  • Maywood-Hayes Center: Victoriah Deaver ran a season and course personal best with a 13th-place finish and a time of 25:43.14.

  • Southwest: Morgan Reeder finished 24th with a time of 30:03.72 and was the lone runner for the Roughriders.

  • Wallace: Ashley Roberston placed 2nd with a time of 22:13.40, Dajana Garrison placed 3rd with a time of 22:18.71, Ryleigh Hanson placed 5th with a time of 23:03.74, and Elliana Robertson placed 8th with a time of 24:19.84.

Ogallala Invite: 9/21

Boys Team Scores:

  1. Gothenburg: 30

  2. North Platte St. Pats: 50

  3. Alliance: 69

  4. Gering: 69

  5. Hershey: 97

  6. Chase County: 104

  7. Broken Bow: 123

  8. McCook: 130

  9. Perkins County: 138

  10. Cozad: 174

  11. Sidney: 182

  12. Kimball: 225

  13. Paxton: 247

  14. Sutherland: 261

  15. Chadron: 264

Mason McGreer placed 1st with a time of 15:59.61.

  • Maxwell: Max Robinson finished 71st with a time of 20:58.91.

  • Paxton: Landon Drews finished 49th with a time of 19:37.15 to lead the way for the Tigers. Jasper Brewster ran a personal best with a time of 19:54.75 and finished 57th and Kepler Spurgin finished 78th with a time of 21:30.64. Tristen Hebbelthwaite also ran a personal best time as he finished 87th with a time of 22:35.23.

Girls Team Results:

  1. Gering: 43

  2. Sidney: 47

  3. Chadron: 63

  4. Broken Bow: 66

  5. Ogallala: 83

  6. Gothenburg: 83

  7. McCook: 86

  8. Paxton: 133

  9. Chase County: 163

  10. Cozad: 168

Photo Courtesy: Valley Voice

Lindee Henning of Ogallala placed 1st with a time of 19:37.25.

  • Maxwell: Keila Curtis finished 53rd with a time of 27:04.05, Emme Lucas wasn't far behind with a time of 27:25.79 and a 56th-place finish, and Billie DeGarmo finished 63rd with a time of 30:59.47.

  • Paxton: Ainsley McConnell led the Tigers with a 23rd-place finish and a time of 23:37.73, Natalie Jorgensen finished 27th with a time of 23:54.34, and Ella Fote finished 49th with a time of 26:26.71. Paxton head coach, Lindsey Jorgensen said, " Our girl's team was disappointed with their race times but will show great improvements next week as we will finish up our tough training phase. I am excited to see our runners continue to show improvements and focus on meeting their goals at districts."

RPAC teams are busy this week as they are attending the UNK Invite, Gothenburg Invite, and Fort Kearny Conference Invite.


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