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RPAC Cross Country Results as of 9/3

All the RPAC teams were in action this week as some teams had a meet under their belt and others opened their seasons at several meets in the area. Check out all the results below.

Gibbon Invite: 8/31

Boys Team Results:

  1. Franklin: 11

  2. Central City: 31

  3. Bertrand-Loomis: 40

  4. Kenesaw: 51

  5. Wood River: 57

  6. Gibbon

  7. SEM: 65

  8. St. Paul: 68

  • Bertrand-Loomis: Marcus Hernandez had a great race as he finished 1st with a time of 18:46.55 and was more than 15 seconds ahead of 2nd place. Carter Horner and Luke Larson just missed out on medals as they finished 19th and 20th with times of 22:15.23 and 22:33.00 respectively.

Girls Team Results:

  1. Elm Creek: 16

  2. Central City: 18

  3. Ravenna: 32

  4. Pleasanton: 41

  5. Amherst: 41

  6. Bertrand-Loomis: 43

  7. Franklin: 60

  8. Kenesaw: 63

  9. Arcadia-Loup City: 76

Cicely Gugelman of Elm Creek took first place with a time of 24:05.20.

  • Bertrand-Loomis: Ashlynn Edgren paced the Wolfkings with a 10th-place finish and a time of 26:47.70 and teammate Addie Hansen placed 14th with a time of 27:46.80. Marie Ford finished 28th with a time of 32:59.43.

North Platte St. Pat's Invite: 8/31

Boys Team Results:

  1. North Platte St. Pat's: 17

  2. Doniphan-Trumbull: 21

  3. Perkins County: 22

  4. Hershey: 28

  5. Paxton: 74

  6. Sutherland: 77

  7. North Platte High JV: 81

  8. Stapleton: 91

  9. South Platte: 96

Photo Courtesy: Valley Voice

Mason McGreer of Perkins County placed 1st with a time of 16:59.3.

  • Maxwell: Max Robinson finished 41st with a time of 22:53.3 and was the lone runner at this meet for the Wildcats.

  • Paxton: Landon Drews led the way for the Tigers with a 15th-place medal finish and a time of 19:55.4. Jasper Brewster finished 29th with a time of 22:00.5 and Kepler Spurgin finished 49th with a time of 23:21.9.

  • Wallace: Max Hanson had a nice race but just missed out on the medals as he finished 18th with a time of 20:07.1 and teammate Kyle Melton finished 74th with a time of 26:49.4.

Girls Team Results:

  1. Wallace: 10

  2. Paxton: 30

  3. Doniphan-Trumbull: 32

  4. Brady: 35

  5. North Platte High JV: 53

  6. Perkins County: 53

  7. North Platte St. Pat's: 55

  8. Maxwell: 71

  9. South Platte: 75

Anna Fitzgerald of Doniphan-Trumbull placed 1st with a time of 22:03.2.

  • Maxwell: Keilah Curtis was able to sneak in for a medal as she placed 15th with a time of 26:34.2 while Emme Lucas finished 29th with a time of 30:28.7 and Bille Degarmo finished 36th with a time of 33:31.8.

  • Paxton: Natalie Jorgensen had a solid race as she placed 6th with a time of 24:30.5 to lead the Tigers. Ainsley McConnell wasn't far behind as she placed 9th with a time of 25:00.7 and Mackenzie Sanchez finished 19th with a time of 28:07.7.

  • Wallace: The Wildcats had another solid meet and great team performance. Ashley Robertson placed 2nd with a time of 22:29.4, Dajana Garrison placed 3rd with a time of 22:50.7, Ryleigh Hanson placed 5th with a time of 24:04.5, and Elliana Robertson placed 8th with a time of 24:58.5.

Cambridge Invite: 9/1

Boys Team Scores:

  1. Chase County: 12

  2. Axtell: 17

  3. Hi-Line: 40

  4. Wilcox-Hildreth: 54

  5. Chase County JV: 56

  6. Cambridge: 66

  7. Alma: 67

  8. Arapahoe: 77

  9. Medicine Valley: 88

  10. Chase County C: 118

  11. Maywood-Hayes Center: 123

  12. Southern Valley: 126

  13. Southwest: 127

  14. Alma JV: 128

  15. Arapahoe JV: 155

Haven Hauxwell placed 1st with a time of 17:24.06.

  • Alma: Griffin Stemper led the way for the Cardinals with a 14th-place finish and a time of 20:15.57, Ian Dunse finished 19th with a time of 20:48.19 and Logan Shriver finished 34th with a time of 22:36.49.

  • Arapahoe: Campbell Schutz missed a medal by less than five seconds as he finished 16th with a time of 20:30.12. Wayne Lee finished 28th with a time of 21:56.27 and Corbin Carpenter finished 33rd with a time of 22:33.37.

  • Cambridge: The Trojans came across the line in a pack. Leading the way was Wyatt Jackson who finished 21st with a time of 20:53.26, Brady Ahlemeyer finished 22nd with a time of 21:03.31, and Gavin Gunderson finished 23rd with a time of 21:07.76.

  • Dundy County Stratton: Noah Wiese finished 66th with a time of 35:35.78.

  • Hitchcock County: Connor Latta finished 36th with a time of 23:06.46 and teammate Trevor Carlson finished 49th with a time of 24:42.47.

  • Maywood-Hayes Center: Rubiel Lopez led the Wolves with a 26th-place finish and a time of 21:31.84, Ryan Werkmeister finished 50th with a time of 24:44.66, and Steven Werkmeister finished 54th with a time of 35:45.52.

  • Medicine Valley: Kael Garrett had a solid race this week as he placed 2nd with a time of 18:14.20 and led the Raiders. Kevin Bantam finished 27th with a time of 21:45.81 and Adin Nelsen finished 64th with a time of 30:01.37.

  • Southern Valley: Isaac Hamilton was the pacer for the Eagles with a 20th-place finish and a time of 20:49.72. Chase Hamilton finished 56th with a time of 26:38.74 and Trenton Shockman finished 59th with a time of 26:59.72.

  • Southwest: Austin Thompson finished 25th with a time of 21:26.07, Caleb Heskett finished 44th with a time of 23:57.15, and Shie King finished 65th with a time of 32:11.11 for the Roughriders.

Girls Team Results:

  1. Hi-Line: 22

  2. Axtell: 26

  3. Cambridge: 27

  4. Chase County: 36

  5. Wilcox-Hildreth: 37

  6. Hitchcock County: 44

  7. Southern Valley: 65

Cara Burger of Wilcox-Hildreth placed 1st with a time of 23:23.22.

  • Alma: Harper Fennel placed 8th with a time of 24:54.46 and teammate Kaylan Ogier finished 24th with a time of 28:37.86 for the Cardinals.

  • Arapahoe: River Einspahr was the lone runner for Arapahoe and just missed out on a medal as she finished in 16th place with a time of 26:26.80.

  • Cambridge: Brenna Deterding paced the Trojans with a time of 24:12.08 and a 6th-place finish. Rachel Harris wasn't far behind with an 11th-place finish and a time of 25:21.43 and teammate JoLie Farr placed 12th with a time of 25:41.39.

  • Dundy County Stratton: Clara Spargo had a nice race as she was able to snatch the 14th-place medal with a time of 25:49.93.

  • Hitchcock County: Chayse Keith had a solid outing as she placed 3rd with a time of 23:33.55. Calista Carney finished 17th with a time of 26:41.07 and Sonya Schermerhorn finished 35th with a time of 33:36.37.

  • Maywood-Hayes Center: Victoriah Deaver finished in 19th with a time of 26:58.56 for another solid run.

  • Southern Valley: Tayley Becker led the way for the Eagles by finishing 15th with a time of 26:00.07. Laurel Stalder finished 31st with a time of 29:56.66 and Jazemine Lujan finished 26th with a time of 25:49.71.

  • Southwest: Avery McConville ran a time of 26:48.02 to finish 18th and teammate Morgan Reeder finished 30th with a time of 29:52.04.


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