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RPAC One-Act Hosted Under One Roof For the First Time

RPAC One-Act was held at the Tassel in Holdrege on Wednesday. This was the first time that both the East and West Divisions were held at the same location. Acting awards were given to each school as well as RPAC Runner-Up and Champion plaques. Best actor and actress awards were given as well as Outstanding Technical Crew which was new to this year. Check out the blog below for photos, summaries of the plays, acting awards, and team results.

East Division

  1. Maxwell

  2. Southern Valley

  3. Cambridge

  4. Bertrand

  5. Arapahoe

  6. Alma

  7. Southwest

Best Actor: Kamden Bose - Southern Valley

Best Actress: Lisselle Lucas - Maxwell

Outstanding Tech Crew - Maxwell


Alma performed "13 Ways to Screw Up a College Interview" by Ian McWethy which is about two college recruiters who need to fill one final spot at their university to secure their jobs. They sit through thirteen wild interviews with high school seniors and what they thought would be an easy task turns into a lot more than they anticipated.

Acting awards were given to Lydia Sikes, Griffin Stemper, Karsten Bradley, and Mercades Garner.


Arapahoe performed "One Stoplight Town" by Tracy Wells which is about a small town that would be easy to drive right on through without taking a second look but if you would just slow down you would see all that the town has to offer. The local handyman would be there to give you lots of advice about slowing down and taking it all in.

Acting awards were given to Titus Goshert, Mckenzie Ewoldt, Lael Rathbun, Thomas Magoria, Hunter Jorschumb, Juliana Hanzlick, Sage Larson, Kristin Holcomb, and Haiden Garey.


Bertrand performed "An Absolutely True Story (As Told By a Bunch of Lying Liars) by Ian McWethy which is about a pair of siblings, the family dog, friends, and a lot of Nutella as someone is in trouble for breaking the family's heirloom vase. No one knows who did it as there isn't anyone who is telling the truth.

Acting awards were given to Addie Hansen, Ryker Schroeder, Scotty Bieker, Addison Andersen, Kevin Chavez, Ashlynn Edgren, and Jyden Wilken.


Cambridge performed "A Piece of My Heart" by Shirley Lauro is about five female nurses and a female country singer who went to Vietnam as they give a glimpse into each of their lives before, during, and after their tours.

Acting awards were given to Mallory Springer, Leah Downer, Kamryn McArthur, Emma Rassmussen, Brenna Deterding, JoLie Farr, and Jensyn Weiss.


Maxwell performed "Dark Road" by Laura Lungren which is about a girl who takes a job as a guard at a concentration camp so she can provide for her family, she quickly learns the difficult duties of her job and has to learn to cope with those actions and how they affect her family relationships.

Acting awards were given to Lisselle Lucas (Best Actress), Lauren Mead, Emmeline Lucas, and Christina Smith. Maxwell also earned the Outstanding Tech Crew award.

Southern Valley

Southern Valley performed "The Amazing Angel Man" by Julian Felice which is about a young boy who suffers from Angelman Syndrome. When the perspective shifts to his imagination, it shows his dreams of wanting to be a superhero called 'The Amazing Angel Man' but also shows the reality that his condition has on his family all while showing the value of hope and imagination.

Acting awards were given to Kamden Bose (Best Actor), Isaac Hamilton, Laurel Stalder, Adi Hunt, Tori Bose, and Bennett Jorgensen.


Southwest performed "Escape Room" by Wade Bradford which was about the softball team who has a chance to make the playoff but that may not happen as there isn't much of a 'team'. That forces the coach to schedule team-building activities and the minor details like clues and keys weren't the top priority causing the activity to go wrong.

Acting awards were given to Jayden Walz and Austin Thompson.

West Division

  1. Paxton

  2. Maywood

  3. Dundy County Stratton

  4. Hayes Center

  5. Hitchcock County

  6. Wallace

Best Actor: Hunter Koetter - Hayes Center

Best Actress: Miah Fox - Paxton

Outstanding Tech Crew - Hayes Center

Dundy County Stratton

Dundy County Stratton performed "Help Desk" by Don Zolidis which was about the difficulties of getting to the correct department when searching for a solution to your problem such as not being able to log in or adding data to your plan.

Acting awards were given to Klayton Rinne and Emma Baldeh.

Hayes Center

Hayes Center performed "Mastermime or Don't Mime If I Do" by Katie B. Oberlander which is about a Mastermime who is a known criminal who distracts the audience and disappears with their valuables. It is up to a detective and his sidekick to capture the villain.

Acting awards were given to Elli Broz, Tyler Stewart, Braydon Cox, Hunter Koetter (Best Actor), and Caylie Softly.

Hitchcock County

Hitchcock County performed "Oz" by Don Zolidis which is about a girl who is having a hard time coping with her sister's death and finds herself on the yellow brick road with the scarecrow, lion, and tin man, she learns how to navigate her grief and the road of acceptance.

Acting awards were given to Chayse Keith, Adriyana Kirkpatrick, and Jill McArthur.


Maywood performed "Property Rites" by Alan Haehnel is about a man who has invested a large sum of money into sculptures that are programmed to perform and when one is scheduled to be sold, it starts having issues and becomes alive.

Acting awards were given to Graci Peterka, Price Johnston, and Dallas Grunden.


Paxton performed "CLUE, On Stage" by Johnathan Lynn is based on the movie and game where mysterious guests come together for a party and murder and mystery begin to unfold.

Acting awards went to Miles Rogge, John Fricke, Haley Holzfaster, Miah Fox (Best Actress), Noah Coppersmith, Madilynn Mullen, Jasper Brewster, and Landon Drews.


Wallace performed "The Ninth Train" and is set just before World War II as you follow a Jewish family as they navigate the tension of separating their family by utilizing kindertransports.

Acting awards were given to Brooke Bryant, Kendall McClintock, Ryun Sheets, Jonathan Ryan, and Ryder Cable.


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