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RPAC Rundown Golf Results as of 4/7

Finally, some golf has been played! After battling the weather for the first two weeks, student-athletes were able to get on the course for a few meets.

DCS Invite 4/2

On Tuesday, Dundy County Stratton hosted their invite. Hitchcock County took the team title and 12 individuals from the RPAC came away with medals.

Team Results

  1. Hitchcock County-333

  2. Chase County-360

  3. Cambridge-387

  4. DCS-387

  5. Southwest-389

  6. Paxton-405

  7. Perkins County-517

  8. Wallace-NA

Individual Results

  1. Chase Wisnieski-Chase County-74

  2. Jack Backer-Hitchcock County-76

  3. Ashton Parker-Johnson-Hitchcock County-82

  4. Dante Horner-DCS-82

  5. Brayden Melchert-Hitchcock County-84

  6. Ethan Hardin-Paxton-88

  7. Houston Billeter-Southwest-88

  8. Hunter Blume-Southwest-88

  9. Colton Sedlacek-Southwest-88

  10. Micah Gerlach-Cambridge-91

  11. Darin Neben-Hitchcock County-91

  12. Kaden Vogt-Chase County-93

  13. Carson Terryberry-Chase County-94

  14. Maverick Webb-Cambridge-96

  15. Gauge Florum-Paxton-97

To read the full story, click here.

Hi-Line Invite 4/2

Also on that windy Tuesday, Hi-Line hosted a meet that five RPAC schools competed at; Southern Valley, Alma, Arapahoe, Bertrand, and Medicine Valley. This invite had a ton of tough competition from RPAC golfers and golfers from the FKC, including Overton.

This invite is hosted at Lakeside Country Club at Johnson Lake.

First, the team results.

  1. Perkins County-351

  2. Amherst-354

  3. Overton-355

  4. Loomis-358

  5. Southern Valley-372

  6. Hi-Line-376

  7. Anselmo-Merna-387

  8. Wilcox-Hildreth-396

  9. Axtell-403

  10. Alma-407

  11. Arapahoe-407

  12. Bertrand-412

  13. Elm Creek-431

  14. Franklin-433

  15. Pleasanton-445

  16. Medicine Valley-516

In terms of the top overall golfer of the day, Overton's Braden Fleischman shot an 80 to lead the way.

The top-15 placers were as follows:

  1. Braden Fleischman-Overton-80

  2. Alex Banzhaf-Overton-83

  3. Kamden Bose-Southern Valley-83

  4. Tyson Essex-Loomis-83

  5. Zaybreon Hansen-Perkins County-84

  6. Will Long-Perkins County-85

  7. Cope Smith-Amherst-87

  8. Austin Adelung-Amherst-87

  9. Brody Fleischman-Overton-88

  10. Eric Gonzalez-Perkins County-89

  11. Chase Korth-Amherst-89

  12. Ethan Morgan-Axtell-89

  13. Aaron Bartak-Anselmo-Merna-89

  14. Grady Keeshon-Loomis-89

  15. Gavin Noris-Loomis-91

Southern Valley

The Eagles had a great day from Kamden Bose he shot an 83 at the meet. It was a tightly contested day of golf as Rian Grove shot a 92 and Braxton Hammond shot 93 which they finished 20th and 23rd.


Alma had a good day from William VanBoening, shooting a 91, which put him just outside of placing, finishing 16th. Crew Bennet finished 36th with a 99.


The Warriors like the Cardinals had a score of 407 on the course Tuesday. Chris Hermes had the best score of the day for Arapahoe, shooting a 98 and finishing 33rd. Eli Shafer shot 100 on the day, finishing 39th.


The Vikings shot a 412 which was good enough for 12th as a team. Scott Bieker was the top golfer for Bertrand, finishing 32nd and shooting a 98. Quentin Mumm and JC Kehr went 47th and 48th with a 104 and 105.

Medicine Valley

Last year one of the top golfers for Medicine Valley was Tyce Pate. He started the 2024 campaign with a 100 and finished 38th. Kevin Bantam finished 70th with a 118.

Overton Four-Ball Invite

On Thursday Overton hosted a four-ball invite and Alma was in attendance. Team #1 for Alma, which was composed of Grady Faimon and Crew Bennett placed 8th with a score of 80. Team #2 for Alma; Titus Epp and Mason Gesock shot finished 14th with a score of 94 and team #3 for the Cardinals of Austin Barwich and Ryan Finney had a 127 and finished 25th.

Check out the rest of the results in the image below.

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